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Newsletter Autumn 2023

Opening from the Chair


From the feedback offered to me, I know that we have had some great trips so far this year.

Thank you to all those that got in touch, your feedback is important.


As so many were disappointed with our May trip being cancelled I have managed  to fit in a lunch time trip on  The Tereza Joanne Barge.  The date is Thursday 29 November and the info is included later on the Events page.

I hope you find our forthcoming trips of interest so please do complete your applications as soon as possible.


Hot off the press is the news that the Barclays Carol service at Southwark Cathedral will this year be held on Monday 11th December with an earlier start time of 12 noon,  so don’t get caught out by that.


And on the subject of trips/events, in future Carol will from now on respond asap if you are successful.


The sun is still shining but not so for your Committee.  We desperately need one of you to come forward to take up the role Eddie is retiring from.  If the Welfare position is not filled it will impact on our over 80’s group, Welfare, and also any fundraising we do for the future. This will of course change the dynamic of your Club going forward.

Please give serious thought to our plea and do get in touch if you feel you can spare a few hours a month. Thank you.


For Forthcoming events please go to the Events page

For Welfare please go to the Welfare Matters page

Finally, we are all being bombarded with correspondence and email regarding GDPR

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On 25 May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into force. These regulations enhance the existing Data Protection Act (1998) and place a few more requirements on those who collect and process personal data and give more rights to those whose data is being processed.

Personal Data

For Barclays London Eastern Pensioners Club, we only collect and store personal data that is necessary for us to function as a community group, such as name, date of birth, postal address, telephone number and e-mail address.  In addition, we also keep a record of membership subscription payments.

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