Useful Contacts 2

Martins Bank website - some members who once worked in Martins may be interested in visiting this site

which contains a great deal of nostalgic information.



Connection magazine - a magazine for retired Barclays colleagues, published twice a year:

Tel: 01924 203906



YOUniquely Barclays offers a range of discounted benefits on Barclays own products and services.

(you may need to type this into the address bar on your browser)

If you would like a scheme information booklet send your name and address to:-

YOUniquely Barclays

Welland House

Barclays Bank plc

Longwood Close



Tel: 0345 075 6575


 Discounts - Under Personal and Bank Accounts there are Blue Rewards- for a £5 pm fee receive cash rewards for having/opening accounts/services with Barclays.  Cashback - lets you get money back on goods, services and travel through partnerships.  Avios - for Premier customers only, collect rewards for spending on BA flights.

Full details available on the Bank website.  (nothing exclusively for pensioneres on any of these schemes)

 Tel: 0333 200 0105

Blue rewards

Barclaycard Cashback (Under the personal tag, go to search and type in Cashback)

Barclays Avios  ( Go to search and type in Avios)


Barclays UK Trusts

Advice and information on trusts and estates administered by Barclays.

Tel:   0207 574 3027

Probate enquiries - option 1

Trust/Power of Attorney enquiries - option 3

Will Safe enquiries - option 2 then 3




0345 945 4545 (new debit card fraud)


The Bank Workers' Charity

(incorporating Spread Eagle Foundation)

Offers free, independent and confidential information, advice, services and

financial support on wellbeiing, money and home matters.

Tel: 0800 0234 834 (BWC)     (Click on this for a direct link)


Barclays Staff Loans

Contact YOUniquely Barclays on 0845 678 1678


You may find other connections via the Connection magazine.


Wills and Powers of Attorney

Barclays Trust Company was acquired by Zedra Trust Company (UK) Ltd in January 2016.

They offer various services including the writing of (and storage of) Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Please bear in mind that when lodging a document for safe keeping that it does help if the people dealing with your affairs actually know where it is. This sounds obvious but you'd be surprised how often this does not happen. (Click on this for a direct link)


If I should die?

We have included a link below which will take you to a page

which is intended to provide practical information one might wish

to leave behind, together with information to try to help make it easier for

family and executors to cope with things that need to be done.