Welfare Matters

Welfare Matters

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 From The Autumn 2022 Newsletter

As this is written a new Prime Minister is due to be appointed shortly and inevitably there will be changes to welfare matters which will affect us pensioners. Therefore, the following information, being correct as we go to press, may be out of date within a short time.

The Government has recently announced the new Energy Bills Support Scheme which will give households a total £400 discount off their energy bills starting from this October. This payment is spread equally over six months and is refunded back to the bank that pays the direct debit. You won’t need to apply, it is automatic. Full details from your energy supplier.

The GLC are running a Warmer Homes programme which offers grants of between £5,000 and £25,000 to help with home improvements and to save energy. Applicants need to live in the London area and be on a low household income of less than £25,000. Applicants should live in a property which would benefit from energy saving improvements such as solar panels,  roof and wall insulation etc.

Interested pensioners should contact Warmer Homes Advice Service team, phone 08000293576.

At this time of year, the Bank Workers Charity (BWC) offer a Christmas grant of £500 to pensioners who could benefit from financial support. It’s a one-off grant that’s means tested in line with the BWC grants criteria. Even if a pensioner has been unsuccessful before its worth applying again as circumstances can change. Anyone who received the grant last year will be sent an invitation to apply again this year.

Telephone 08000234834 to request an application form by 30th September 2022. The deadline for completed applications is 28th October 2022.

The next Free Wills Month starts on 1st October so this is a timely reminder for anyone aged over 55 thinking of having a simple will written or updated free of charge. Full details of this scheme were reported in the summer 2021 Newsletter. To benefit from this scheme a recognized charity needs to be one of the beneficiaries in the will. An updated list of solicitors willing to undertake this work is not available yet, but anyone interested is invited to contact the Club requesting information when it becomes available. Alternatively register with https://freewillsmonth.org.uk

Unfortunately, we have become aware of cases where Barclays have lost a pensioners will which had previously been deposited with the bank for safe custody. It’s worth checking to ensure your will is safe.

These are uncertain times therefore it is worth noting the following who can provide up to date information on all matters concerning us pensioners.

BWC.    phone 08000234834   www.bwcharity.org.uk   This charity provides ‘Wellbeing’ support on a wide range of specialist services dedicated to Bank pensioners.

Towers Watson.    phone 01737227567    http://epa.towerswatson.com/doc/BCL/login.htm

For enquiries specific to individual personal pension matters.